About Us

Uniting all El Paso and Borderland community dentists. We are committed to providing education, advocacy, and excellence to all its members and the public which it serves. 


To unite all ethical, licensed dentists within its boundaries, to promote the Art and Science of Dentistry, to encourage the improvement of the health of the public and to represent the interest of its members and the public which it serves. This society is comprised of the following Texas counties: Brewster, Culberson, El Paso, Hudspeth, Jeff Davis, Presidio and Terrell.

EPDDS was established October 4th 1921. It is the Sixteenth District Texas Dental Society.

2023-2024 Board of Directors

President: Hans Brockhoff
Past-President: Greg Caldwell
President Elect: Edgar Perales
1st VP: Iven Gonzalez
2nd VP:Tanya Sue Maestas
Secretary:Jake Williams
Treasurer: Eric Gutierrez
Director 1 yr: Naser Rezaei
Director 1 yr: Andrew Loiselle
Director 2 yrs: Alex Alonso
Director 2 yrs: Nasim Salloum
Delegate: Sam Angulo (1 year)
Delegate: John Purdy (3 years)
Delegate: Tom Marino (4 years)
Alternate Delegate: Wilma Luquis-Aponte (4 years)
Alternate Delegate: Tom Marino (3 years)
Newsletter/Social Media/Website Editor: Tanya Sue Maestas / Natasha Furchtgott
Peer Review: Mark DuVernois (chair) 1 year, David Wilbanks (2 years), Silvia Menendez (3 years), Vernon Burke (5 years), Krystelle Anaya (1 year, past president), David Holden (2 years, past president), Greg Caldwell (3 years, past president)
Judicial Committee: Tom Marino (chair, 4 year), Rodney Mollere (1 year), David Holden (2 years), Sam Angulo (3 years), Arnold Chavarria (5 years)
Dental Conference: Joe Alvarez, Greg Caldwell
Orientation/Social: Edgar Perales (President-Elect; Orientation), Tanya Sue Maestes (as 2nd VP), Jake Williams (Secretary), Naser Rezaei
Children's Health: Edgar Perales (Chair), Krystelle Anaya
EPCC Advisory: Edgar Perales (Chair), Michael Najera, Wilma Luquis Aponte, Mara Ward, Krystelle Anaya
Military Affairs: Sam Angulo
Directory: Hans Brockhoff (chair, as president), Jake Williams (as secretary), Eric Guiterrez (as treasurer), Natasha Furchtgott (as Website Editor)
Scholarships: Hans Brockhoff (chair, as president), Greg Caldwell (as immediate past president), Jake Williams (as secretary), Eric Guiterrez (Treasurer), Edgar Perales (as president-elect)
DENPAC: Michael Najera (chair), John Purdy
Legislative Action: Michael Najera, Delegates, Alternate Delegates
Community Oral Health: Hans Brockhoff (chair, as president), Edgar Perales as president elect), Iven Gonzalez (as 1st VP), Tanya Sue Maestes (as 2ND VP), Eric Gutierrez
Dental School Liaison Committee: Hans Brockhoff (chair as president), Greg Cladwell (as immediate past president), Edgar Perales as president elect), Vernon Burke (at large),Tanya Sue Maestas, Paul Ro
TMOM: Hans Brockhoff (chair as president), Krystelle Anaya
Community Foundation: Hans Brockhoff (chair as president), Eric Gutierrez (as treasurer)